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Our Mission
Thanks to our dedicated employees we are able to provide the public with high-quality greenhouse vegetables year-round. Our entire staff is devoted to ensuring that all of our customers receive the best in greenhouse produce, and thanks to same-day picking, packing and shipping, we are able to deliver guaranteed fresh peppers and tomatoes every time.
Ethics &
Our employees are at the heart of everything we do at JC Fresh Farms. We are proud of our dedicated workers, who come from Canada as well as from many different areas of the world, to assist in our efforts to deliver the very best Greenhouse-grown produce to our customers each and every time, and we work hard to ensure our employees are respected and rewarded for their hard work.
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The migrant farm workers at JC Fresh Farms are temporary, foreign employees who meet the seasonal labor needs of our operation based on labor shortages in our existing, Canadian workforce. These migrant workers leave behind their families and home countries where they have fewer employment opportunities in order to gain employment as migrant farm workers, demonstrating a strong work ethic and a commitment to provide for their families back home. The local community has embraced these workers and the cultural heritages they bring with them to our region with various local shops and festivals that embrace and aim to united locals and the migrant workers in their communities. There is a uniting diversity between these migrant workers and the local population in the communities they come to work in. The goal for these migrant farm workers is one that almost everyone can relate to: securing a better future for themselves and their families. Facing few opportunities in their home countries,…
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Find out more about our employees, our history, our produce, and more, plus read our latest news.
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Modern Greenhouses The greenhouse facilities of JC Fresh Farms, encompass a new generation of farming technology. Our new innovation, Doubled-Sided Vents, provides airflow and air exchange and was applied to half of the greenhouse range. This superior exchange of air during high humidity seasons provides an environment approximately one degree (Celsius) cooler than exterior temperatures, ensuring high yields and continued quality for consumer satisfaction. Inter-Planting In 2012, we introduced the practice of interplanting in the greenhouses of JC Fresh Farms, which is the most efficient method of growing in the farming industry. How does inter-planting work? Half way through the life cycle of a plant, one “tops” the stem, which stops further growth without affecting the maturation of its fruit. Then, a new plant is inserted beside it. When the new plant is ready to be harvested, the original previously harvested plant, is removed allowing the new plant to continue growing and produce…
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