Modern Greenhouses

The greenhouse facilities of JC Fresh Farms, encompass a new generation of farming technology. Our new innovation, Doubled-Sided Vents, provides airflow and air exchange and was applied to half of the greenhouse range. This superior exchange of air during high humidity seasons provides an environment approximately one degree (Celsius) cooler than exterior temperatures, ensuring high yields and continued quality for consumer satisfaction.


In 2012, we introduced the practice of interplanting in the greenhouses of JC Fresh Farms, which is the most efficient method of growing in the farming industry.

How does inter-planting work?

Half way through the life cycle of a plant, one “tops” the stem, which stops further growth without affecting the maturation of its fruit. Then, a new plant is inserted beside it. When the new plant is ready to be harvested, the original previously harvested plant, is removed allowing the new plant to continue growing and produce fruit. In essence, production is seamless. Our new growing initiative is to introduce three to four inter-planting cycles per year‚ allowing our greenhouses to operate and ship throughout the year.

Green Initiatives

JC Fresh Farms recycles 100% of its water and fertilizers, protecting the surrounding land, while new age lighting systems reduce electric dependency by 20%. Our packaging is made from Green Seal Certified recycled paper; derived from corrugated boxes, office stock, book stock, newsprint and coated ground-wood sections.

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These elements and further research help ensure our commitment to protecting our environment and community.