At JC Fresh Farms, we are proud to have the opportunity to offer reliable, meaningful employment opportunities to Canadians as well as a diverse group of migrant workers from a number of different areas of the world. We count on these migrant labourers to help us produce and distribute the freshest and highest-quality produce we can to our customers, and we pride ourselves on offering them a chance to work towards a better life for themselves and their families.

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Who are migrant farm workers?

Who are migrant farm workers? The migrant farm workers at JC Fresh Farms are temporary, foreign employees who meet the seasonal labor needs of our operation based on labor shortages in our existing, Canadian workforce. These migrant workers leave behind their families and home countries where they have fewer employment opportunities in order to gain employment as migrant farm workers, demonstrating a strong work ethic and a commitment to provide for their families back home. The local community has embraced these workers and the cultural heritages they bring with them to our region with various local shops and festivals that embrace and aim to united locals and the migrant workers in their communities. There is a uniting diversity between these migrant workers and the local population in the communities they come to work in. The goal for these migrant farm workers is one that almost everyone can relate to: securing a better future for themselves and their families. Facing few opportunities in their home countries,…

Why They Came

Why They Came Migrant workers came to Canada, and to work with JC Fresh Farms, because they wanted the opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their family by having a more consistent job opportunity, and to be able to support their families back home. Faced with fewer opportunities for employment in their home countries, these workers chose to come to Canada for a chance at more consistent and substantial employment opportunities.

Why They Continue to Come

Why They Continue to Come Our workers continue to come to Canada and be a part of JC Fresh Farms because we provide them with the opportunity to obtain and maintain jobs that may not be available to them back home. We provide a consistent source of employment for them that allows them to work towards better lives for themselves and their families, and develop skills in their jobs and build relationships with their employer that can allow them to advance towards further job opportunities back home. While our migrant workers have continued to work diligently towards earning a better living for themselves and those they care about back home, their efforts have also contributed to the Canadian economy by providing a workforce than can fill in where there are gaps in the available Canadian labour market, and allow businesses such as our own to have the extra help we need to grow, harvest, and deliver our produce at the peak of freshness to our customers. Just as we welcome the opportunity to provide these workers with…

Spotlight: Jamaica

Spotlight: Jamaica Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, with the development of the island being heavily influenced by the European nations that have conquered it over the course of its history and had significant economic interest in this nation. Jamaica is the largest Caribbean island, and is renowned for its beautiful landscape and laidback atmosphere, both of which have helped it grow into a desirable vacation destination. This is also helped by English being the official language of the country, making it more accessible to many tourists around the world. However, despite the rise of the tourism industry fueling economic growth, poverty is still a reality for many residents of Jamaica. Faced with tough economic circumstances, Jamaicans have found opportunities to work as seasonal migrant laborers in Canada. Like the migrant workers from many areas of the world, those that come from Jamaica do so for an opportunity to better the circumstances for themselves and their families.

Spotlight: Guatemala

Spotlight: Guatemala Located in Central America, Guatemala is a primarily-Spanish speaking country etched in the Maya traditions and in the heartland of ancient Maya. Its Spanish cultural influences can be felt throughout the country, including in its many Baroque churches. This country offers a great natural beauty and a scenic, mountainous landscape. Guatemala is considered a developing nation, and has significant issues with unemployment and poverty. As such, many citizens of this nation have to search elsewhere for employment opportunities, including finding employment as migrant labourers in Canada. These opportunities allow many Guatemalan citizens to improve their own situations and the situations their families are in while at the same time allowing organizations in Canada to fill in gaps in their labour force.

Spotlight: Honduras

Spotlight: Honduras Honduras is the second-largest country in Central America. Immersed in Mayan ruins, this primarily Spanish-speaking nation features a mountainous landscape, thick rainforests, and beautiful Caribbean beaches to go along with Baroque-influenced structures. The Bay Islands, north of mainland Honduras, sit on the second-largest coral reef in the world and are a major source of tourism for Honduras. Honduras is a poor nation that is hoping to diversify the country through tourism. Over half of the population of the country lives below poverty levels, and are faced with difficulties in finding consistent, meaningful employment. This is where programs that allow them to work as migrant labourers in Canada can help - these opportunities provide Hondurans an opportunity to find employment when it could otherwise be difficult, helping their efforts to improve their lives and the lives of their families.