Why They Continue to Come


Our workers continue to come to Canada and be a part of JC Fresh Farms because we provide them with the opportunity to obtain and maintain jobs that may not be available to them back home. We provide a consistent source of employment for them that allows them to work towards better lives for themselves and their families, and develop skills in their jobs and build relationships with their employer that can allow them to advance towards further job opportunities back home.

While our migrant workers have continued to work diligently towards earning a better living for themselves and those they care about back home, their efforts have also contributed to the Canadian economy by providing a workforce than can fill in where there are gaps in the available Canadian labour market, and allow businesses such as our own to have the extra help we need to grow, harvest, and deliver our produce at the peak of freshness to our customers. Just as we welcome the opportunity to provide these workers with employment opportunities to help them achieve a better life, we value and respect the contributions they make towards making JC Fresh Farms a success.